New Visions of Work

Simon | Ergonomic  Workspaces is a boutique family business which specializes in Hand-made manufacturing of designed ergonomic workspaces.
Simon’s destiny , and the reason that it’s employees wake up in the morning, is to bring joy to the employee in his work environment; either in the office or at home.
all of the company’s employees have a sense of mission in their line of work and their beliefs are based on the fact that a healthy, pleasant and creative work environment – makes the employees happier, more creative , productive and successful.

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ergonomic workspaces

Chairs & Sofas

If there’s something that our guys are good at is Chairs!

Since 2010 – Simon‘s responsible on mass production of office ergonomic seats, distributing to private and contract costumers.
Led by one of the national renowed upholsterers who makes sure that each Pin will be set in place.

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Desks & Storage

What is a Desk If not the stability that we’re looking for during our work day?

In Simon‘s catalog you can find a wide variety of Desks, sconfernce tables, workstation etc. in accordance to your design and work needs. 

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Acoustics & Accessories

In life we have the tendency to search for tools to help us better deal with it; 
same goes for our work space!

At Simon you can find all the solutions for your desktop and the employee’s environment that will better help you with your daily work routine! 

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